Family & Group Accommodation in Armidale Nsw

Metz Family Motel Armidale

The Gully Gate Family & Group Accommodation in Armidale Nsw was built in 2002 and is a pleasant stroll away from Macquarie Hall. The motel has eleven ensuite rooms and its unique design provides access to a conference meeting area for guests. The meeting area also provides the luxury of a commercial kitchen for groups that require the ultimate in privacy.

Shearer’s Quarters

Our Shearer’s Quarter’s accommodation has proved a market winner for clients who are looking for cost-effective alternatives when it comes to spending money. Our budget style accommodation in the centrally heated Shearer’s Quarters is ideal for large groups.

Flynn Cabin Accommodation

Flynn Cabin Accommodation was the only original building at Echidna Gully and has recently undergone a huge transformation. The low dark rooms have given way to the high clean lines of a barn style ceiling, white walls and new windows. Flynn now has an adjoining bathroom with modern shower and toilet facilities and an outdoor space that is ideal for small groups to entertain. The outdoor kitchen and barbecue area leads up onto a private deck that is equipped with built to last hardwood furniture.
Watch from the deck or join others as the conversation is fuelled by the glow of the open fire.

The Cook’s Room

The Cook’s room was originally attached to the Shearer’s Quarters but landed at Echidna Gully with 3 walls, a floor and no roof. It was lifted, roofed and brought back to life and is now known as the trendy little room at the top of the driveway. It has a double bed and guests are close to the bathroom facilities of Flynn Cabin.

The Echidna Gully Homestead

The Homestead is a c.1910 Apartment from Toowoomba, which has been developed into a home away from home. The Homestead offers its own self service bar (craft tap beer), four bedrooms, two bathrooms and gardens that would make Don Burke shed a tear.


331 Chinamans Gully Rd, Argyle NSW 2350

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