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Echidna Gully was established in 1995 by the Monk family. Situated on the edge of the Metz Gorge just 20 minutes east of Armidale, New South Wales. Its beginnings were inspired by the surrounding historic gold country of Metz. The original construction, rethinking of spaces and still more building with parts from all over the New England Tablelands over the last 20 years, is finally seeing Echidna Gully emerge to stand tall as a place in time with history.

From the front gates travel down the road and slowly the eyes become aware of what Echidna Gully is. The built structures sourced from local timbers, recycled materials and transported farm buildings nestle amongst the gums and granite creating a classic Australian place. We have established our vision to create a memory of your own.

A walk around Echidna Gully will take you from the driveway down to the hall. See the unique Loft steps, inspect the warm timbers of the ‘Dingo Trap Bar’ then go out to the veranda. From here you can appreciate the use of different timbers or soak up the view across the gully to the mountains. You may decide to stroll through the newly constructed secret garden or go the other way by the outdoor barbecue and the campfire area and along the human race or if time permits - do both.

As you cross the front of Macquarie Hall you may want to look around Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme. PSR is our newly established all seasons herb garden and drying area.

From here you can look through the Shearer’s Quarters then move on to Flynn Cabin and the outdoor party area. After taking a quick peek in the Cook’s Room pass the half-court tennis and you will be at the Motel and the circle is complete.

After your travels you may see Echidna Gully as we do:-
a stress release, a thinking retreat, a bushwalking ideal, a vintage wedding, a classic occasion, a performers “Woodstock,” an environmental paradise, an artistic inspiration, but above all, a symbol of Australia.

Jeremy, Theresa, Michaal , Jordan and Ethan Monk have worked some long hours to establish Echidna Gully as place of distinction for:-
School camps


331 Chinamans Gully Rd, Argyle NSW 2350

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